UK Coaching Certificate Qualifications

The UK Coaching Certificate came out of a review of coaching and coaching qualifications within all major sports across the UK.
Key findings:
There are many capable and experienced people involved in coaching/teaching and instructing
There is a lot of variation in the quality of coaching and coaching qualifications across sports
There is a lot of good work but that sports are inward looking and don’t work together
We can all learn from each other and looking at other sports

Details of each level

  • Outcomes at Level 1
    • Prepare for activities in a safe working environment
    • Establish working relationships with the participants and others
    • Prepare and support participants
    • Deliver prepared activities
    • Conclude the activities
    • Review the activities to help others
    • Continuously develop personal practice
  • Coaching Outcomes at UKCC Level 2
    • Review participants’ needs
    • Produce plans for a series of sessions that support
    • Participants’ development in a safe coaching environment
    • Prepare participants for the series of coaching sessions
    • Establish and maintain working relationships
    • Deliver coaching sessions
    • Develop participants’ performance
    • Conclude sessions
    • Evaluate participants’ performance and the sessions
    • Monitor personal coaching practice
  • Coaching Outcomes at Level 3
    • Fully autonomous coach; role model at County/Regional level.
    • Can plan, deliver, analyse and review annual programmes of rider development
    • Goal Setting
    • Prepare for, deliver and review coaching sessions
    • Plan a series of coaching sessions
    • Prepare the coaching environment
    • Deliver a series of sessions
    • Monitor and evaluate coaching sessions and personal practice
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UKCC Principles

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The BEF is endorsed to deliver (in partnership with the member bodies, including British Reining) at UKCC Levels 1, 2 and 3 and equestrian is a priority sport being supported to implement the UKCC.

UKCC Principles
Puts Riders at the heart of what we do.
Flexible qualification for all in all coaching environments; technical pathways for riding, driving, vaulting and
discipline specific such as endurance, RDA, dressage, show jumping and eventing at different levels.
Builds on existing good practice and provides a career structure.
Ongoing opportunities for training and development.
Aspiring Coaches can be assured of standardised qualification.

What is expected at each UKCC Level?

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An idea of what is expected at each UKCC Level:

The role of the
Level 1 coach is to: Assist more qualified coaches, delivering aspects of coaching sessions, normally under direct supervision
The role of the
Level 2 coach is to: Prepare for, deliver and review coaching sessions
The role of the
Level 3 coach is to: Plan, implement, analyse and revise annual coaching programmes
What is common to coaching at all levels?
  • Plan (Planning process)
  • Do (Conducting coaching sessions)
  • Review (Review the coaching session/process)
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