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The FEI promotes equestrianism in all its forms and encourages the development of the FEI equestrian disciplines throughout the world. Fair play, equality, complicity with the animal and respect for the environment and the horse are the core values of the FEI.


Equestrianism is one of the few sports where men and women compete on equal terms and share the same podium up to and including Olympic level. There is no maximum age limit for competing athletes.

Fair Play

At all levels, only the best man, woman or team should win fairly and squarely, having competed under even and equitable conditions and under rules that are themselves fair, realistic, and applied with scrupulous competence and even-handedness. No result can be meaningful or valid if it has not achieved on a level playing field. See more in the FEI Code of Fair Play.

Complicity with the Animal

Equestrianism is the only sport that involves two athletes, equine and human. It is the successful partnership between these two elements; the relationship of confidence and respect that is built up between them, that makes the sport so exceptional.

Respect for the environment

The conservation of the environment is important to us. The FEI was one of the first international sports federations to establish a Code of Conduct towards the environment.

Respect for the horse

The welfare of the horse is at the heart of all our activities. In 1991, the FEI adopted a Code of Conduct for the welfare of the horse, which starts as follows: “In all equestrian sports, the welfare of the horse must be considered paramount”.

In 2010 the FEI launched the Clean Sport Campaign to reaffirm and strengthen the welfare of the horse in competition and to ensure that entire equine community - athletes, veterinarians, grooms, managers, coaches, owners, and officials - help combat doping and the inappropriate use of medications through better education and increased vigilance. The measures put in place by the FEI Clean Sport Campaign have been widely accepted and successful to date.

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