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Results and Scoresheets from the Sherwood Spring Show

The results and scorecards can be found on the Standings & Results page.   Full show resukts can be found at

The British Reining Spring Show to be televised!

The ITV Television channel has approached British Reining to hold a Celebrity Reining programme which will be filmed at The British Reining Spring Show on Sunday 8th May.

They have not yet released the names of the participants, but you will be the first to know (hopefully early next week)

“The Celebrity “will be riding with five children, age range between 8 & 13 years and they all have riding experience

We have been given the OK to start organising this event. The format will be “The Celebrity” and the children will be coming to Bodiam the week before the show, and will be having lessons with Doug Allen, and hopefully they will gain enough experience to compete on Sunday 8th The ITV film crew will be filming the lessons and the competition on Sunday and the programme will be televised during the summer.

We need help in supplying horses for the young riders. If you have a trained reining horse that would suit a novice youth rider and you are not competing on it at the show and would like to see it on National TV, please give Peter Lane a call on 07711 414185. We would need the horse to be available from Wednesday 4th – Sunday 8th May.

This will be a unique opportunity to showcase the sport of reining on national TV. They will also be filming some of our members to show the public how it is done, so wear your best outfit –just in case!

When this news is released to the public we expect to have an additional number of spectators at the event, so the atmosphere should be good.



Objective of Selection Policy

The aim is to choose the team and provide the preparation that will achieve the best possible results for Great Britain at the World Championships 2016. In addition, talented combinations will be identified and wherever possible given the opportunities to progress particularly through competing internationally.

The policy is to select a team capable of achieving medal positions at the World Championships 2016 and also to have a view to team development for:

2017 European Reining Championships, and the 2018 World equestrian Games.

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The name of the Celebrity Reiner has been announced !!

We can now announce that the Celebrity is Katie Price.  

Katie and her children will train with Doug Allen at Bodiam International  Arena the week before the

British Reining Spring Show. They will then compete in an unaffiliated reining class at the Show on 

Sunday 8th May.. 

More information on Katie and the ITV reality show, can be found on Katie's website.

Notice of AGM 2016

British Reining

Notice is hereby given that the 2016 Annual General Meeting of the company will be held at Court Lodge Farm, Bodiamon Saturday 18th June 2016 at 6pm. for the following purposes:

1.To receive the report of the directors and the accounts for the year ended 2015

2.To approve the minutes of the previous AGM

3.To consider the income and expenditure accounts and balance sheet

4.To consider, and if thought fit, pass any resolution proposed by a full member before 7th May 2016

5.To re-elect members of council who, retiring by rotation as director under the articles of association and, being eligible, are offering themselves for re-election as director

6.To elect council members who, before 7th May 2016, have submitted a correctly completed nomination form and have subsequently been elected, where necessary, by a ballot of the members

7.To re-appointthe company's accountants until the conclusion of the next annual general meeting of the company at which accounts are laid before the members and to authorise the directors to determine their remuneration

8.If any British Reining member wishes to stand for Council, please request a nomination form from

9. The form must be completed and returned by post to be received no later than

7th May 2016

By order of the board

Dated 15th April 2016

Peter Lane


A member entitled to attend and vote at the meeting is entitled to appoint a proxy to vote, and attend, instead of him. A proxy need not be a member of the company. To apply for a proxy form please email

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