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2017 Derby Communication from NRHA

Members, the 2017 European Derby will be held in conjunction with Equita, Lyon, and we are pleased to say that the new payback schedule, “Payback Schedule C”, will be implemented. As this is a new payback schedule with a new way of qualifying for the finals, NRHA in conjunction with the European Council and the Management Team of Equita wish to communicate out to all of the European members on how this would look at the event.

Please find here a link to a video with the use of Vimeo that Christa Morris, Assistant Commissioner, working with Jesse Chase’s summary documents and the 2018 European Derby Conditions, worked to produce:

Attached you will also find the summary of how qualification and payouts will work, as well as how ties will be solved.

European Summary

How ties will be determined when determining finalists

Samantha Oldfield

Manager of Competition and Education and European Liaison

National Reining Horse Association

3021 West Reno

Oklahoma City, OK 73107

405-946-7400 Ext. 110


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