BR Team Selection Policy

British Reining Team Selection Policy

2016 FEI World Championships
Givrins, Switzerland 11 – 13th August 2016

Objective of Selection Policy

The aim is to choose the team and provide the preparation that will achieve the best possible results for Great Britain at the World Championships 2016. In addition, talented combinations will be identified and wherever possible given the opportunities to progress particularly through competing internationally.
The policy is to select a team capable of achieving medal positions at the World Championships 2016 and also to have a view to team development for:
2017 European Reining Championships, and the 2018 World equestrian Games.

Selection Panel

All selectors, including the Chairman will be appointed by the British Reining Council.
The Chair of Selectors will be the Chairman of Council.
The Selection panel currently comprises:
Peter Lane – Chairman
Jennifer Sheerin
Simon Barnes – Chef d’Equipe

The Chairman may call on other Council Members or members of British Reining as he sees fit.

All Selectors must be members of good standing, who must have the knowledge and experience required to effectively select championship teams and will be as free from all vested interests/conflicts of interest as possible. A register of Declarations of Interest will be maintained and available for inspection.
The Chef d’Equipe (CE) will attend all selection meetings to inform, advise and assist the selection panel. He will not have a vote although he will have the power to veto the selection panel’s decision. This will safeguard the close relationship between the CE and the riders.

Selection Policy

Background The British Reining Selection Policy is worked out in agreement and consultation with the British Reining Council, Selectors, riders and Chef d’Equipe.

Eligibility/Availability for Consideration The Selection Panel will make sure that all riders available for selection have British citizenship and have been granted a license by the National Federation of Great Britain to compete in International Events according to Article 134 of the FEI Regulations, and are allowed to take part under FEI, BEF or BR rules.

Qualification Period The qualification period for submission of scores for consideration for selection and eligibility to compete in the 2016 World Championships will run from 1 January 2015 until June 30 2016.
Final qualifying scores must be attained in line with the FEI qualification period.

Confidentiality It is vitally important for the integrity of the Selection Policy and those involved in its application both as riders, owners, selectors or other officials, that there is at all times a high degree of confidentiality relating to information which may have a bearing on selection.

Consideration In considering potential team members the panel with take account of a number of factors some of which are set out below:
Achievement of the 2016 FEI World Championships eligibility criteria is essential
Team rider combination and record
Rider record
Previous experience in major events
Creation of a team of riders

A position on the Team is to be considered a privilege and not a right. Above all, selection will be largely based on the results achieved by riders at stipulated types of competition. However, one outstanding result will not lead to automatic selection.

Selection Criteria

Application All riders wishing to be considered for Team selection should complete and return the Application Form, which is available to download from the website. The following needs to be provided to the Chairman of Selectors by the given deadline:
a registration fee of £250;
the fully completed and signed Team Agreement.

The deadline is 30th June 2016 for applications in principle in time for
nominated entries to the FEI on 4th July.

It is understood that there is a CRI planned for 13/17 July and the selection panel will give consideration to appropriate late information prior to notifying
definite entries on 25th July.

Any changes to these dates and deadlines will be notified via the British Reining website.

Selection criteria seniors 2016:
Qualification period 1st January 2015– 4th July 2016
Eligibility – Athlete must be qualified as FEI 3* Athlete and achieve a minimum average score of 70 at two different CRI3* (Championships not included) during the qualification period.

Selection criteria juniors 2016:
Eligibility – CRIs and Championships for Juniors are open to FEI 3* Athletes from (Junior category) the beginning of the year in which they reach the age of 14 until the end of the year in which they reach the age of 18.

Process If there are only three riders or fewer attaining the appropriate criteria then the panel may consider not sending a team and only sending two individuals.
If there are more than four riders attaining the appropriate criteria then the panel may consider sending one or two as individuals.
If a team and individuals are selected to go to the Championships all participants must agree to changing places with team members/individuals if the CE deems that necessary.

BR/the selection panel are not bound in any way to send a team and/or individuals to the Championships if they decide that it is not in BR’s best interests to do so.

If there are more applicants than places then the selection panel will produce a long list from which the short list of team members and individuals will be confirmed.

Consideration In considering the selection of the team of four and the two individuals the panel will look at the following:-

Achieving the selection criteria for the Championships
5 best scores during the Qualifying Period. Applicants must submit their 5 best scores during the Qualifying Period to the Chair of Selectors their 5 best scores (score sheets must be signed by the Show Secretary) with their application.

The Selectors will use these scores to assist them during the Selection process. If a rider is unable to achieve 5 scores, in the necessary competitions, within the Qualifying Period, they must inform the Chair of Selectors in writing stating their reasons. Only scores from British Reining, NRHA or FEI judged classes at Open or Non-Pro level, for seniors, will be acceptable.

For consideration for a place on the long list, two scores of 70 or above must be submitted from classes as detailed above, with elevation to short list with multiple scores of 72. Consideration will also be given depending on venue/class where scores achieved.

Most weight will be given to results at International shows with FEI International Official Judges.
In exceptional circumstances, however, the requirement for scores (as stated above) may be waived or modified in order to increase the likelihood of achieving the two stated Objectives of the Selection Policy.
All riders fulfilling the above criteria will be included on the long list from which the selection committee will select the final team.

Riders who have represented Team Great Britain in Reining competitions shall automatically be entered on the long list on receipt of the appropriate application and registration fee. It should be noted that these riders must still achieve the qualification criteria as determined by the FEI.

The Team will be selected from the Long List by the Selection Panel with the emphasis being on scores. In the event of a tie, priority will be given to the CRI scores and the rider with most international experience as judged by the Selection Panel. A rider’s wins and placings, the competitiveness of the starters they have competed against, the standing of the judges who have marked them.

The soundness of the horse and its consistency in performance will be considered.

The ability of the rider to perform under pressure and contribute to the development of a positive team atmosphere and any other criteria that will serve in the Team’s best interest for achieving as good a result as possible will be taken into consideration.

Discretion The Selectors are entitled within this selection policy to use their discretion to select combinations onto Teams provided that they can demonstrate that any discretion used was arrived at through a process of integrity where the information used and procedures taken were perfectly reasonable and justifiable. Any such discretion will be fully documented.

Code of Conduct/Team Agreement When selecting the Team the CE and Selectors will take into consideration, not just the statistical results but also the willingness of the rider to co-operate with the development of excellence in Reining and maintenance and development of the reputation of the Team.

Each International Team rider will need to sign the Team Member Agreement before they are to compete. Selection is subject to compliance with British Reining, BEF, and FEI Rules on doping for human and doping and medication control for equine.

Team Administration

The selection panel will name the four chosen team members and the two individual one of whom will be the travelling reserve.

Team Running Order. The CE will decide the team running order and individual riders and the CE will inform riders and owners accordingly.

Veterinary. As part of the selection process the advice of a Team approved Veterinary Officer may be taken into consideration. There will be an official inspection which all horses must attend and where blood tests may be taken. If a horse is based abroad then an inspection will be arranged by the CE.

Progress The CE will continually discuss and update BR Council, riders, owners and trainers of plans and individual riders’ and horses’ progress.

Modifications/Exceptional Circumstances The right is reserved that in exceptional circumstances such as injury or illness the Selection Policy can be waived or modified in order to enhance the likelihood of achieving the stated goals. This will be done by the CE and Selectors as far in advance of the event as is practicable. Where there is a chance that this situation may occur the issue will be kept confidential amongst the CE and Chair of Selectors until such time as a decision is made.

Substitution Chefs d’Equipe must declare the members of teams and the names of the individual competitors and their horses after the Veterinary Inspection and no later than one hour before the draw. In the event of an accident or illness of a competitor and/or horse declared as a starter, this competitor and/or horse may, up to one hour before the start of a competition and on production of a certificate from a doctor and/or FEI veterinary delegate, after approval of the ground jury, be replaced by a reserve rider/horse (team competition) or another competitor and/or another horse formally entered (individual competition).

The competitor or horse withdrawn may not then start either as a member of a team or as an individual. For substitutions of riders and horse combinations before the horse inspection see FEI General Regulations ART.126.

Selection Timetable Dates for selection and announcement of squad will vary from year to year depending on what time of year the Championships are being held, but will be announced as early as possible each year and be informed to all parties concerned.

Changes in Policy The Selectors and BR Council will have the right to amend or change selection policies where necessary at any time in order to fulfil the objectives of the Selection Policy as long as these changes and amendments are clearly communicated to all parties.

Weather It is presumed that the weather conditions likely at the Championships have been considered for selection. However, should there be drastic change for some reason there might be cause for alterations to be made to the squad in which case everyone concerned will be notified and the explanation given as soon as convenient.

Cancellation/Postponement In the event of cancellation the relevant parties will be notified straightaway. In the event of postponement a situation might arise where a new and/or different squad needs to be selected in which case all parties will be notified and normal procedure for selection will be followed.

Force Majeure In the event of exceptional circumstances beyond British Reining Council’s control, (eg disease outbreak in horses or humans, collapse of available funding, war or terrorism) the British Reining Council reserves the right to make changes to the Selection Policy and representation which could involve withdrawing the British team.

Veterinary Team riders must notify the CE and the Team Veterinarian (if one appointed) of any change in the horse’s health status or veterinary management immediately.


Points of Contact The contact relating to the selection policy, procedures, applications and appeals is the Chairman of selectors/Chairman of Britsh Reining. After team announcement all communications regarding the team an taking part in the Championships should be with the Chef d’Equipe

Publication/Circulation The Selection Policy will be available to download from the BR website . Copies will also be available on request from the Chairman of British Reining.

Enquiries Enquiries about the Selection Policy can be made either in writing or on the telephone to the Chairman of British Reining.

Changes to Selection Policy Any changes and comfirmatitions will be communicated either with individuals directly or via the BR Website as appropriate.

Financial Circumstances

Selection will be made on merit as laid down above. A rider’s financial circumstances will not influence selection. Any funding made available for International team competitions will be used equally for the benefit of the whole Team and not individual members.

Appeals Process and Procedures

Riders have the right to appeal against the decision of the Selectors. Appeals must be made in writing within 48 hours of the announcements.

Appeals must be sent to the British Reining Chairman who will appoint an independent Appeals Panel as set out in the British Reining Handbook. If the British Reining Appeals Panel is not able to satisfy the appellant’s concerns the appeal will be forwarded to the BEF.

The processes and procedures of the BEF Appeals process are set out in the BEF/BR Rule Book.