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Joining British Reining

By becoming a member of British Reining you will be joining the National Affiliate of reining - the NRHA in the USA, and also the Member Body of BEF in the UK.

Reining is the fastest growing equestrian sport in the UK, and you will find British Reining members to be highly supportive and friendly, although competition is high in the arena.
You can find our BR Handbook here
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Your British Reining membership is due for renewal on January 1.

British Reining memberships are due for renewal on January 1 and will run until December 31. If you were a member in the previous and signed a membership form we will hold this on file and you only need to renew, a renewal form is on the website and can be found here.

If you are a new member or your membership lapsed please complete and send in the Membership application form from the website which you can find
here to allow us to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation.

As from 2020 any memberships completed at a show will have a £10 admin fee to cover the additional costs to the Show Organiser and administration. All memberships can be completed up to 48 hours before a show by sending a membership form/renewal form by email and making an electronic payment by paypal or bacs.

Please remember that to be eligible for Year End Awards, Championship Classes, FEI Competition and Affiliate Finals owners and riders need to be a member at the time of qualifying.”

Payment details are on the form, please email completed form to BritishReinng@aol.com.
Our preference is for you to pay by BACS or Paypal (friends and family helps us to save charges)

No membership card will be issued until this form is received.

Please be aware that we have to notify NRHA the date your membership becomes valid as only points earned at shows after that date qualify you for any Affiliate Final classes.

New members can join at one of our shows, just bring along a completed form.

Jane Muir
British Reining
7 Whitehall Way
TN25 6ET
Tel 44 (0) 7885 598089

Memberhip levels

There are different classes / levels of membership which allow members to compete in classes with members of similar reining experience.

Ownership: The owner of any horse which competes in British Reining classes must be a member of British Reining
  • Green as Grass (GAG) Level 1
    Level 1 is to encourage more new riders into the sport of reining.
    • Any NRHA pattern can be used in this class, but simple lead changes are permitted.
    • The class may be ridden one or two handed, but as in green as Grass Level 2, you may not change once you have started showing in a class.
    • This class does not qualify for an end of year buckle as it has been introduced for riders to gain experience and confidence to enable them to compete in high divisions.
    • Any points in Green as Grass Level 1 do not carry forward to higher divisions and in the two British Reining shows they will not be double pointed.

    Eligibility for this class is as follows:
    1. Points are set at a lifetime 20 points in any British Reining class and no NRHA earnings for the rider.
    2. No AQHA points in amateur or open classes
    3. When the rider exceeds any of the above criteria he or she is out of this division.
    4. The rider can ride any horse.
  • Green as Grass Level 2
    Eligibility for this class is as follows:
    1. A maximum of 50 lifetime points in any division or class in GAG 2 and above.
    2. The rider may stay in GAG 1 for the year if they exceed 50 points during that year.
    3. Grandfather Clause can be used at the discretion of the British Reining council.
  • Rookie
    Eligibility for this class is as follows:
    1. A maximum of 100 lifetime points , these to have been earned in rookie classes.
    2. Any rider with more that 50 British Reining points and/or $50 NRHA earnings in a higher division, will not be eligible for rookie.
  • Non-Pro
    Eligibility for this class is as follows:
    1. Overall the rule of thumb is that Non Pros cannot train, or maintain through riding, other peoples horses. They cannot receive any remuneration in any form, either direct or indirect. See here for some scenarios which may mean you become ineligible for Non-Pro status.  They are not written in stone either-way, and if there is any doubt always check with the NRHA first. It is very easy to loose your Non Pro status but very hard to get it re-instated!
    Classes available :–
    1. Limited Non-Pro – 500 points and below
    2. Intermediate – 1,000 points and below
    3. Full Non-Pro – Over 1,000 points
  • Open
    Eligibility for this class is for Professional riders only
    1. Limited open – 550 points and below
    2. Intermediate open – 1,000 points and below
    3. Open – Over 1,000 points
  • Youth
    Eligibility for this class is as follows:
    • Under 16 (on 1st January of the competing year)
    • 16 – 21 (on 1st January of the competing year)
  • Supporter
    Supporter: This is open to anyone who wishes to support British Reining
  • Supporter: Para Reiners

    Support Para Reiners

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    You can now support Para Reining by purchasing a Para Reining Support membership. Funds raised through this supporter programme will be used to help para riders with training and travelling to compete at all levels.

    Go to our membership page and sign up to be a Para Reining supporter.

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Rule applicable to all divisions/classes
If a rider is not eligible for an NRHA division then he or she is not eligible for the same division in British Reining classes.
For example - If the rider has exceeded the earnings and is out of NRHA Ltd Non-Pro or Limited Open, then they cannot compete in British Reining Ltd Non-Pro or British Reining Ltd Open.
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